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The most exciting laser tag game on the planet has finally come to Calgary!  Some are calling it “Painless Paintball”

Adventure Tag is nothing like the usual indoor black-light maze, using “Marvin the Martian” toy-like taggers and vests.  With our cutting edge technology and our new goal oriented gaming, Adventure Tag has brought laser tag to an exciting new level.  And the best part?  We’re mobile- we bring the fun to you!

Using the best laser taggers in the world, Adventure Tag combines elements of laser tag, paintball, airsoft, and online gaming.  Our taggers are not like the rest: they look and feel awesome (these are no toy taggers!) and can be used both indoors and outdoors (even in broad daylight).  The taggers communicate using radio frequency and utilize harmless infrared light (like your TV remote), but shoot with amazing accuracy up to 750 feet- that’s over two football fields long!

Since there are no dangerous projectiles, there is no pain – just tons of adrenaline packed fun that the whole family can enjoy (10 years and up).  Don’t worry- while you may not feel pain there’s plenty of thrills to be had!  The equipment provides a very fast paced game, and a highly interactive experience because the equipment actually talks to you during the adventure giving you feedback as to how you are doing.

Adventure Tag is a very affordable adventure sport that combines fast paced fun with strategy and some fun and healthy exercise. Typical sessions last 90 minutes, and during that time we run a variety of missions that challenge players of all ages, sizes, genders, experience, and abilities.  New players find they can pick up the sport very quickly, and are contributing to their team effort on their very first game!

If you and your friends, family, or group are looking for an exciting new adventure why not come out and see for yourself why the Adventure Tag style of Laser Tag is one of the most innovative and exciting new adventure sports in decades!

Paintball without the pain